What is Focused Ultrasound?

For over 50 years, ultrasound has been used a tool for biomedical imaging and disease detection. As technology has continued to improve our level of control, accuracy has improved, and the field has expanded to include therapeutic applications.

Focused Ultrasound (FUS) is currently used as an alternative to surgery to ablate tissue completely noninvasively with millimeter precision, so that surrounding tissue is unaffected. It is FDA approved for the treatment of uterine fibroids, bone metastasis, and prostate cancer, with a number of other approvals outside of the U.S. Excellent penetration of ultrasound through tissue allows access to surgically inaccessible targets where the non-ionizing nature of sound waves makes it a safer alternative to radiotherapy. A growing number of U.S. manufacturers have developed sophisticated systems which use MR or ultrasound image-guidance to improve treatment accuracy and monitor the ablation in real-time.

FUS is currently being investigated for the treatment of many clinical indications, including liver, pancreatic, colorectal, kidney, breast, brain cancers (and others), as well as multiple neurological disorders. Keep up to date with ongoing focused ultrasound clinical trials.